sony-smartwatch-silver fifa

Sony is adding two new editions to their SmartWatch 2 line, a Silver metal edition and, in celebration of the World Cup this year in Brazil, the FIFA edition, both looking to add some class and style to the smartwatch experience.

We are very glad to see this new trend in the wearables market toward a cleaner, more grown up, look. No matter how fun and functional, an ugly device usually ends up in a drawer. At the front of this new trend, one of the leaders in the smartwatch market, Pebble, started shipping the Pebble Steel line of smartwatches last week. Pebble added a touch of class to the mostly tasteless colorful plastic lineup of smartwatches out there today.

Sony is not new to metal smartwatches, but this Silver edition gives an entirely “classic watch” look to the device that black metal may not deliver. I suspect that, on a person’s wrist, many will have to look twice before they realize this is more than just a standard huge silver watch. A decidedly cultured look to an otherwise geeky watch.

The FIFA watch is another story. Again, this watch steers clear of plastic, instead introducing a fabric wrist strap in the colors of the Brazilian flag. This, of course, is in honor of the country hosting the World Cup later this year.

No word yet if the straps will be sold separately, allowing existing SmartWatch 2 owners to spruce up their watches. The new versions are nowhere to be found on Sony’s U.S. website, but you can preorder the Silver edition now for March delivery, or sign up to be notified for the FIFA edition, on the Clove website in the UK. Both listed at £132, or roughly US$215.00.

What do you think, is this a boring new paint job, or did Sony just score a GOOOOOOOAAAL? Are you just going to hold out to see what the other smartwatch makers bring to the table, or are you waiting for someone like Google to launch a smartwatch of their own?

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