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Sony SmartWatch 1.2.33 update causes several problems for owners

June 5, 2012

Sony has recently released a firmware update to its SmartWatch, which was expected to correct certain issues with the device including the device’s inability of showing the time in standby mode, but it looks like the update brought other unexpected problems.

The Verge notes that after installing update 1.2.33, several SmartWatch owners complained right on the Google Play page of the product that the update has crippled their devices. Apparently the SmartWatches on software version 1.2.33 can’t maintain a proper connection, and therefore can’t be synced with the smartphone.

It appears that Sony has issued a secondary update, version 1.2.34, which corrects the issues in 1.2.33, but some SmartWatch owners can’t get it as their devices that run 1.2.33 can’t hold up a decent connection long enough to install the new firmware. One user writes:

My watch was working PERFECTLY. Following the latest update, its completely useless. If you try to wake it up, it reboots. Droid4 running stock Android 2.3.6 (rooted). UPDATE. Subsequent update fixed watch after about 30 attempts to flash it before it rebooted each time. Sony customer service was HORRIBLE. They are so disorganized, I couldn’t believe it was such a well known brand acting that way.

Sony has not officially commented on any of these reported issues yet, but let’s hear more from SmartWatch owners out there! Have you experienced any similar issues following the 1.2.33 SmartWatch update? Did update 1.2.34 fixed them for you?