Sony Smartband Hands On Red White Yellow Black CES 2014-9

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Back at CES we first learned of the Sony SmartBand, a fitness tracker that also has some ‘smart’ functionality that goes beyond health.

Using the special Lifelog app you can track your physical activity and even chronicle important events in your mobile life using the SmartBand. This includes things like the games you play, books you read, music and movies you like, and the list goes on. There’s also sleep tracking functionality and the device can inform you of incoming calls and notifications through a set of vibrations, as well.

Since there is no display directly on the SmartBand, you view the information collected by the SmartBand (and its accompanying Sony Core) using the Lifelog app. The only major downside to not having a display is that the Sony SmartBand can’t double as a watch, something that many other wearable wristbands can do.

So we have a good idea of what to expect with the Sony SmartBand, but when will the wearable to ship and for how much? Although we don’t have any details on pricing just yet, Sony says the wearable will arrive to 60 countries in March. The device will initially be available in black, with more colors following shortly thereafter.

For more details on the SmartBand, be sure to check out our original ‘first impression’ video of the wearable, which was recorded at CES in January:

What do you think of the Sony SmartBand based on what we currently know, interested or not?


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