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Sony shows off its flexible 9.9-inch OLED panel display (on a laptop screen)

June 12, 2012

Let’s add one more company in the long list of those who are trying to make ‘bendable display’ more than just a buzz word. Japanese giant Sony recently showcased its very own flexible OLED panel at the Society for Information Display’s Display Week 2012 in Boston – the place to see and be seen for companies in the display industry.

The 9.9-inch flexible OLED panel comes with a 960 x 540 resolution and 111 ppi. The display consists of an amorphous IGZO TFT as a driver element, while the OLED panel gets its color display by utilizing white OLED devices, as well as red, green, blue and white color filters.

Here’s what Tech On has to say about the construction process:

The OLED panel was made by using two glass substrates to which films are attached. On one substrate, TFTs and OLED devices are formed. On the other substrate, CFs are formed. After attaching the two substrates to each other, the glass substrates are removed. The TFTs, OLED devices and CFs can be formed by using the same manufacturing processes as used for normal glass substrates.

We suggest you visit the source if you want to read more technical details of Sony’s answer to its competitors.

While it would’ve been an enticing experience to see the bendable panel in person, Sony could only show a video presentation of the flexible display on a laptop instead. Apparently, there was not enough time to evaluate the reliability of the display in time for the convention. What’s clear is that Sony will have to work harder and faster if it were to compete with Corning’s Willow Glass and Samsung’s Youm this year.