sony xperia c3 selfie rumor (4)

As more people are getting smartphones, social networks and messaging apps are booming, feeding in turn the selfie craze that has swept over the world in the past years. Nowhere is the selfie obsession more visible than in East Asia, where OEMs compete to release devices with selfie-focused features, like high resolution front cameras, front LEDs, “groufies”, “beautification modes” and other software features.

The latest to jump on the bandwagon is Sony, who will reportedly unveil a new selfie-oriented device tomorrow in Taiwan. The phone may be the successor to the Xperia C midranger, which launched in June 2013.

Taiwanese website ePrice broke the story and published two hands-on images of the device, while a user on the Esato forum revealed two other shots and claimed that the device would feature a front-facing flash. The images show a 2,500-mAh battery, and, from the size of the phone, we suspect it will come with a screen of about five inches.

sony xperia c3 selfie rumor (3)

According to ePrice, this selfie phone may be called Xperia C3 (there’s no Xperia C2, so take it with some salt) and will be available “globally.” In addition to the front-facing flash LED, the phone will supposedly feature a wide-angle camera, a self-timer feature, and a voice and gesture activated shutter.

Sony has confirmed the arrival of the new phone on Twitter:

More details coming tomorrow.