Sony SBH52

Phones are just getting bigger and bigger, but your hands aren’t. For most people, a device like a Nexus 4 or HTC One are comfortable to hold and use, often with one hand. Get into the Note 2 category, though, and things become a little more cumbersome.

On the other hand (bad pun, I know), some people like larger devices. Maybe they are looking for “one device to rule them all”, so they don’t need a phone and a tablet. Compromising a smaller form factor for a larger screen is not unheard of, and is becoming much more normal. With devices like the Samsung Mega 6.3 or new Sony Xperia Z Ultra, the boundaries of size are being pushed.

Sony understands that, and has an interesting little accompaniment for their Xperia Z Ultra: a bluetooth headset! Not the normal in-ear headset, but a handheld device meant to perform the simplest tasks like take phone calls or read text messages. It has a clip on the back which can be used to attach to clothing, and a headset jack for earbuds. The small OLED screen will give you a simple caller ID or text message readout.

It’s got all the normal stuff you’d want, like volume keys and micro USB port, as well. As devices get larger, it’s nice to see Sony make an attempt to bridge a gap. A small bluetooth handheld like the SBH52 could bring more people to their larger devices, and opens Sony up to a broader market. In-ear headsets are bothersome for all day use, but a smaller handheld is a great idea.

The handheld pairs by NFC, so a simple tap to the Ultra and you’re on your way. You can also listen to radio with RDS, and Sony claims it has HD voice. A great device, and another smart innovation from Sony. It’s good to see them back in the game.

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