It seems that Sony’s two odd-looking, non-niche (well, one actually has been criticized as too “niche”) Android tablets–the Sony S1 and Sony S2–will be arriving in Europe some time in September.

Tech blog Engadget was tipped off by an unnamed person from Sony’s marketing department regarding an unspecified tablet that can be preordered starting this August and that will be released towards late September. The private note told Engadget that the unnamed tablet will be available from three sources during the device’s launch: Sony Direct, John Lewis (a department store in the U.K.), and a third yet-to-be confirmed retailer.

The tip mentioned only that much and didn’t mention any further information about the tablet, except that it can potentially outshine the iPad and that it bears “unique design features”–a description that can equally describe either the S1’s folded-magazine form or the S2’s clamshell shape.

Way back in April, Sony officially announced that it will be release the S1 and S2 soon. The two may come sooner than most of us speculated.

Also, early this month, the Sony S1 and S2 were spotted at the Federal Communications Commission, causing the blogosphere to smell the two gadgets’ imminent release. Sony submitted six versions of the S1, the FCC labels of which Engadget thinks might be clues to three regions where the S1 is headed: Canada, the U.S., and Japan.

Will the Sony S1 or the Sony S2 be your next Android gadget?

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