We have yet to see with our very own eyes the odd-shaped but very pretty Android tablets that Sony has yet to release some time in August or September. The tablets, codenamed the Sony S1 and the Sony S2, still have a few months to go before their rumored launch dates.

For the meantime, Sony has prepared a 5-episode teaser video series featuring both upcoming tablets. The title of the series is “Two will.” So far, only two have been released. The first one went live in mid-June, and the second went live just last week. Sony has promised to release the remaining three episodes one at a time in the next few weeks.

As oddly shaped the upcoming Android tablets are, so oddly crafted are the teaser videos that feature them. And, the beautiful oddity seems to just one of reasons for the interest and fascination that people have been showing for the two Sony tablets.

Here’s episode 1:

And, here’s episode 2:

Take a closer look at the specs of the two Android 3.x Honeycomb tablets from Sony, both of which are PlayStation-certified and have Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connectivity.

I don’t know what you will make of the first two installments for the series, but I see “chain reaction” as the implied message. As to what reactions will occur in chain because of the presence of the Sony S1 and the Sony S2 in the world, I have no idea. What do you think are the videos trying to say?