If you’ve experienced one too many low battery blues on your Xperia devices, you may want to look at what Sony will introduce soon – a trio of external battery packs that will allow you to double and even triple the battery life on your phones and tablets.

Trust Sony to make products that are easy on the eyes, even when they are merely power packs (Samsung, please take note). Though these external battery models have thin and light aluminum body, they also pack a lot of juice.

The first is the CP-F1L model, which has a built-in battery capacity of 3,500mAh. It only weighs 125 grams and is 9.4mm thick. You can fully recharge the battery in less than 4 hours when using the AC adapter. Charging through USB is also possible, but it will take 8 hours.

The second one, which has the biggest capacity out of the bunch, is the CP-F2L model. With its huge 7,000mAh capacity, this portable power pack weighs 198 grams and is 12.99mm thick. Unlike its above cousin, this one has two USB ports, so you can charge two devices at the same time.

And as for something that looks different, there’s the CP-ELVSP model, which can be easily mistaken for a regular USB stick. Coming in four colors, the stick-type power pack has a built-in 2,000mAh battery capacity. It’s certainly easier to carry and should be enough to double your phone usage.

Both the CP-F1L and CP-F2L will be released – so far only in Japan, boohoo – in November for approximately ¥ 4,500 ($60) and ¥ 7,000 ($90). The colorful USB stick power pack, meanwhile, will be out in October for ¥ 2,300 ($30).

Now let us hold hands and pray that Sony will bring them over to other regions. Would you be interested?