A while ago we heard that Sony and Google are trying to make the Sony Xperia S an “AOSP” device, which means Sony would provide every piece of code that is needed to Google so stock Android could be installed and run on the Xperia S. Sony is now officially publishing the Xperia S binaries to help with this so called “experiment”.

The binaries for the Xperia S that Sony released don’t do much, but it’s a start. Sony says it will allow developers to install the ROM and get to the homescreen, but from there it’s up to them to make everything work. Sony will definitely get some good will out of this, and I hope the company gets encouraged to continue working on AOSP compatibility. If it keeps doing this, Google might seriously consider them for a Nexus device in the near future.

What would a Sony Nexus device look like? I imagine that design wise, it would look as an evolution of the Xperia Arc design style, with the curved back, which has can be seen on many Sony devices already. The device would have some of the latest cutting edge specs.

Given that Nexus devices lately haven’t been the cutting edge in tech, and that Sony hasn’t been the first one to market with new chips, it probably wouldn’t be the one with the best processor for its Nexus device either, but I’m sure it will have a top notch camera.

If Sony gets to make a Nexus device, I think it will learn a lot from Google about how to make the perfect Android device, and it might be even more willing in the future to make its devices compatible with AOSP, which means Sony’s devices could be some of the easiest ones to port CyanogenMod or other custom ROMs to. If Google will indeed allow multiple manufacturers to make Nexus devices for this fall, Sony may already be one of them.