playstation mobile
There is no such thing as bad news when it comes to talking about free video games. Unless, of course, that game is Postal III. Sony has decided to try to draw some new people to its PlayStation Mobile platform by offering up one free game a week for the next six weeks.

All gamers need to get started is either a Playstation Vita or a PlayStation Certified Android device. Then it’s a matter of opening up the PlayStation Mobile store, finding the game and downloading it. So there is nothing complicated involved.

According to the official PlayStation Mobile blog, the fine people at Sony have a little left over holiday spirit they want to let out. That is very nice of them. It will also help get more people into PlayStation Mobile. Free stuff is a seriously great way to advertise.

So what is this week’s free game from PlayStation Mobile?

This week’s free title is called Samurai Beatdown. It’s your typical hack’n’slash, 2D side scroller game. You go through levels and cut up everyone who gets in your way. It’ll remain free until next Tuesday, then a new game will be made available for free next Wednesday.

PlayStation Mobile fans, is anyone excited about getting six free games? Let us know if you plan on grabbing these up.

Joe Hindy
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