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Sony PlayStation 4 to feature some sort of mobile (Android?) support

The upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 will feature some sort of mobile integration, new report says. Android will most-likely be supported considering Sony's Android-only approach when it comes to its mobile business.
February 11, 2013

Not all Android device owners are avid console gamers, but those of you that are surely know that Sony has a special February 20 media event to unveil its next-gen PlayStation model, the PlayStation 4. But since Sony also makes Android devices, will the PS4 feature some sort of Android integration and/or support for Android devices?

According to Nikkei, via Engadget, the PS4 will act like a home entertainment “nerve center,” focusing “on the hardware’s ability to connect and share to mobile devices.” That’s certainly not surprising in a world where mobile devices are more and more important.

After all, it only makes sense to see Sony try to offer mobile services to PS4 owners, no matter what mobile platform they use. But considering Sony’s PlayStation-related mobile gaming ambitions we shouldn’t be surprised to see some sort of Android integration in the future PlayStation model, especially for Sony devices.

Sure, the device will most likely feature a new design and improved specs, but it will also come with a lot of other uses. Let’s not forget that Microsoft is taking a similar approach with its Xbox console. Xbox services are already built-in the Windows Phone mobile OS, and the company offers an Xbox SmartGlass companion app for Android devices.

Will Sony have similar PS4-related apps for Android devices? We’ll find out more details next week.

What’s certain is that, together with the Xbox and Wii, the PlayStation is one of the most important gaming devices out there. But the trio is definitely under a lot of pressure from mobile smart devices that are themselves great gadgets for playing more and more console-grade games, no matter what OS they operate.

That means Sony, and everyone else in the console gaming business, will have to let their next-gen products connect to mobile devices for some kind of shared gaming experience.