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Sony revealed the new Google TV NSZ-GS8, a revamped version of last year’s GS7 that brings voice search as the main new feature.

The device, which has been spotted during the WiFi certification doesn’t come with too many new things compared to its predecessor, the NSZ-GS7, but it does add a voice search feature, which is used via the new remote control. Basically, you can just tell the remote what you’re looking for, for example TV shows or apps.

Sony NSZ-GS8

The rest hasn’t changed too much, as you can see if you compare the two devices side-by-side on Sony’s website. As far as the price goes, the Sony NSZ-GS8 will cost $199, just like the NSZ-GS7, and, according to Sony’s official blog post, will be available at the beginning of July.

If you can do without the new remote and voice search, you can now get the old Sony NSZ-GS7 for $169. You can also add the voice search functionality to the old version of Sony’s Google TV by purchasing the new microphone-toting remote¬†for $49.99, starting with June 17.

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