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Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 platform has a number of definite partners. Samsung and Nokia have already announced new WP8 smartphones and we expect HTC and Huawei to unveil WP8 smartphones soon. One company that looks unlikely to reveal any Windows Phone 8 releases is Sony, after the mobile division’s President and CEO Kunimasa Suzuki said they “have no current plans for it.”

Sony was thought to be considering a Windows Phone 8 smartphone after Sony Mobile’s UK & Ireland’s Pierre Perron said they were “currently investigating with the likes of Microsoft the possibility of diversifying our product strategy.”

We’ve been here before. Sony has made noises about Windows Phone in the past but it came to nothing. Manufacturers will frequently test out different platforms and even create prototypes without taking the plunge and releasing them.

One reason some people are expecting Android manufacturers to branch out and consider Windows Phone 8 is Samsung’s high profile courtroom loss to Apple and the threat of more patent infringement suits. HTC has suggested it will aim for a balance between WP8 and Android in order to try and turn its fortunes around. The situation there is slightly different, though, as Kunimasa Suzuki went on to point out “We are not afraid of lawsuits, because we have an extensive portfolio of intellectual property rights.”

For the immediate future, at least, it looks like Sony Mobile is still all-in on the Android platform.

Simon Hill
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