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Sony teases next Xperia, see how you can move the phone's unveiling closer!

June 11, 2012

No matter if you’re a fan of the Galaxy S3 or not, you can’t say that Samsung hasn’t done the absolute best job in marketing and advertising the new flagship phone. We’ve been on our toes waiting for the S3 for several months, and a big part of its popularity is due to this great hype building around it.

Samsung’s example hasn’t exactly been followed by HTC or LG, who’ve unveiled their latest high-end offerings without much glitter, but Sony seems to have taken a cue from Sammy and is now trying to build some hype around the next Xperia smartphone.

However, Sony might do an even better job than Samsung in promoting this mysterious future device, as it offers its potential customers the chance to actively participate in the phone’s unveiling. Therefore, if you’ll go on Sony’s official Facebook page right now, you can help bring forward the announcement of the next Xperia phone with just one click.

The official countdown is set to run out in 10 days and under 8 hours as I write this post, but if we all get together and click the “fast forward” button, I’m sure that we can set up the announcement for next Monday or even earlier. Then again, I wonder if Sony took into account the possibility of the clock running out on Saturday or Sunday, when people are usually busy with better things than watching smartphone unveiling events.

Before being able to fast forward to the phone’s announcement, you’ll have to “like” Sony Mobile’s Facebook page and allow the XperiaHub app to access some personal data on your account. Don’t worry, though, you can skip the “post on my behalf” step, so you won’t be seeing any unauthorized activity on your FB page from Sony’s app.

You should also know that Sony has four special contests going on on its FB page, all of them offering you the chance to win one of the mysterious future Xperia phones. The first contest expires tomorrow, and I, for one, have entered it by answering a pretty simple question (the image above).

As for this secret device’s identity, we can’t tell you much at the moment, but we believe it might well be an international version of the Sony Xperia GX (aka Hayabusa) introduced in Japan last month and set to be released in Asia in Q3. Then again, we’re unsure if the international Hayabusa will be coming with the same specs as the original phone (Android ICS, S4 processor and 13 MP camera among others), or if there’ll be any kind of technical differences between the two.

Stay tuned on our website to find out more about Sony’s future mysterious smartphone and don’t forget to help move the announcement closer with just one click if you’re intrigued about the device!