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As far as the cloud storage market is concerned, Dropbox and Box are the two main players. These two are also lending their storage prowess to smartphone manufacturers. We have Samsung and HTC who choose to side with Dropbox, while Sony Mobile is content partnering with Box.

With news that Samsung is ready to duke it out with the big boys with its S Cloud service, we can add Sony to the list of possible manufacturers that will introduce its own mobile cloud-based service.

The Xperia maker has recently filed a trademark application for the upcoming “MyXperia” service through OHIM (Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market) in Europe. It’s not certain whether we’ll be getting a cloud service from the Japanese electronics giant, but the given description suggests something of that nature.

As listed on the website, the trademark entails “virtual computer systems and virtual computing environments for upload, storage, retrieval, download, transmission, and delivery of digital content and media to and from mobile phones; smarpthones; digital or electronic tablets …”

The domain for has already been secured by Sony and the basic website is already up and running. We’ll see soon enough whether something (big or small) will come out of the “MyXperia” filing.

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