While Android manufacturers have generally been disappointing to their customers with ICS update delays and, most of all, an utter and complete lack of communication (yes, I’m talking about you, Motorola), one particular company has not only delivered on its promises, but has also pleasantly surprised its users on more than one occasion.

Sony has been announcing updates for several 2011 phones these past months and the latest in this bunch to take the software leap is the Xperia Mini. The entry-level 3-incher has been on a wider list of handhelds announced as receiving updates a month back, but ICS is being rolled out to the device just now.

As you might already suspect given that we’re dealing with yet another modestly equipped smartphone from Sony, the upgrade is not available over-the-air and you won’t just get an automatic prompt message asking you if you want to install the new software package.

Instead, you’ll have to head over to this link on Sony Xperia’s support forum and see if your phone’s Sales Item (SI) number matches one of the very many found on the list of upgradeable models. You can find the 8-digit SI number by stripping your handheld from its battery cover and pulling out the battery.

Once you’ve ensured that your exact particular model of the Xperia Mini can be found on the ICS update list, you’ll have to connect your phone to a PC or Mac and install the ICS software package through PC Companion or Bridge for Mac.

The Xperia Mini is one of the last 2011 Android phones to get a 4.0 ICS update from Sony, which means that Xperia S, P and U users will themselves get spoiled with a software “makeover” soon enough. As far as Jelly Bean goes, however, predictions are not very optimistic…

Have you updated your Xperia Mini to Ice Cream Sandwich? Is the little guy capable of decently offering you all the ICS treats promised? Let us know in the comments section below.