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A few weeks ago some news popped out about a Sony LT25c phone, which indicated it will be a China Telecom smartphone for exclusive sale in China. But new benchmark leaks for a Sony LT25i prove that this will likely be a global phone, powered by a Qualcomm S4 chip, which is almost ubiquitous in high-end smartphones by now.

The Sony Lt25i smartphone, codenamed “Tsubasa,” seems to have a dual core 1.5 Ghz version of the Qualcomm S4 chip with the Adreno 225 GPU, which is the same Qualcomm S4 processor we’ve seen in the HTC One X and Galaxy S3 in US.

The resolution appears to be 1280×720, although the benchmark is reporting it as 1196, with the rest of the pixels being used for software buttons utilized by Android 4.0.4 OS, which will power the phone.

The Sony LT25 phone will also be available in Japan at NTT DoCoMo (SO-01E) and KDDI (SOL21). The international LTE version will be called Sony LT25i, while the international HSPA+ version will be named Sony LT25h. It seems the Qualcomm S4 chip with the integrated HSPA+ and LTE modems is making it very easy for Sony to make this a global phone.

Sony has been negatively influenced by the fact that they are releasing their phones a lot later in the western parts of the world, and that they are already obsolete upon arrival.

Perhaps the used of Qualcomm’s S4 will help Sony launch the phones in sync in different markets, although they will really need to fix their logistics in the future, so that they don’t depend on Qualcomm’s integrated chips as much. The LT25 is a good start, but Sony will have to ensure the same efficiency in their entire product line to ensure that their models gain traction in significant markets.

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