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The ‘Sony Lens G’ is said to have a 10X zoom and 18-megapixel CMOS sensor

For the mobile photographer, the phone in their pockets is usually serviceable. Some good pics can be captured, but nothing outstanding.

We’ve already seen the terrible mock-ups of a Sony lens, which was said to attach to your Android or iOS phone. Suspect pics and an entirely out-of-left-field concept didn’t lead us to believe it was realistic, but news from Sony Alpha Rumors is starting to sway that doubt.

The lenses mentioned seem to be some very legitimate Sony kit, and almost act as a standalone camera. What you see below are reported to have their own Bionz processor, built in sensor, SD Card slot, WiFi, and NFC. Dubbed the DSC-QX10 and DCS QX100, the lenses won’t have and LCD viewfinder or normal camera controls of any kind. They will rely on your phone or tablet as a viewfinder, and to control the action beyond manual zoom.

The lens above is the “Sony Lens G”, and is said to offer a 10x zoom with an 18-megapixel CMOS sensor. As you can see in that picture, the lenses may not rely entirely on a magnetic attachment, as Sony Alpha Rumors states. The lens looks to have an adjustable clamp, much like a MOGA controller.

We’ve reached out to Sony for comment, but have yet to hear anything. Sony has a September 4 press conference scheduled at IFA, so we expect to hear more about these lenses then, if they’re the real deal. The second picture below (the one with the guy who looks like Spike Jonze)is also said to be the much anticipated Honami device, which is said to have a 20-megapixel camera of its own.

It looks like Sony may be getting serious about mobile photography, in a big way.

Sony lenses

Would you ever buy a lens for your smartphone?

Sony lenses in action

The Sony Lens G is said to have a 10X zoom and 18-megapixel CMOS sensor
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