Sony Z1 Honami

Long rumored, but never really in question, the Sony Z1 (or Honami, if you’re a traditionalist) official press images have reportedly been leaked. Popular dedicated Sony site, Xperia Blog, has received the images via an Asian retailer.

While images of this nature are often highly doubtful, these appear to be the real deal. They match up with the specs we’ve heard about, as well as previously leaked images. These pics happen to show a bit more detail, and are a touch more glamorous than those we’ve seen before.

If these are images of the final production Z1, we’re smitten. The nearly seamless construction and overall finish are gorgeous, and Sony has hinted the device would be water resistant. Sony always builds high quality devices, and the Z1 — or whatever it’s going to be called — doesn’t seem to be any different.

Check out the pics and let us know what you think of it. Does this device finally have you interested in Sony devices? I’m a pretty dyed-in-the-wool Nexus guy, but this one is making me rethink that — unless I get my wish, and this really is the new Nexus. We’ll find out September 4th at Sony’s IFA announcement!