Sony Honami i1

If you’ve seen our review of the Xperia Z ultra, you’ll know it’s a pretty large device, yet somehow manageable. Maybe a touch too big for most, it’s still an impressive feat to pack so much into such a slim device.

The Honami has many who are impressed with the Z Ultra hoping it’s a similar profile, just in a smaller package. The above pic should please those folks, who see the two devices next to one another. While not remarkably smaller, it’s probably just small enough to make most of us interested in a 5-inch device happy.

The pics below also show a closeup of the camera, which is labelled with the “G” branding and touts the 20.7 megapixel capability we’ve all heard so much about. The pic below, which shows the device making the iPhone look downright miniature, is one of the few showing the front of the device.

As IFA approaches, and we continue to see leaks of the Honami and Sony lenses, we’re increasingly excited for the press conference Sony is holding during the week-long conference. We’ll be at IFA, filling you in on all the coverage, so be sure to check back regularly for news on this and all other devices being released this fall!

Sony Honami i1 and iPhoneSony Honami i1 camera