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Sony 'Honami' 20MP camera with 4K video recording, updated UI, and more outed through System Dump

The Sony Honami is one of the most hotly-anticipated Android phones from Sony this year. We now get a closer look at its specs through a recent system dump.
June 30, 2013
Honami SS
We’ve heard plenty about the upcoming Sony Honami in the past few weeks. In fact, right before last month ended, we got a glimpse of what it actually looks like, when its first purported press images went online — and subsequently spread across the Internet. But surely there is more to it than what has already been revealed, right?

Indeed, there is. A recently leaked system dump has now made it possible for the handset’s first screenshots to appear. It also gives added confirmation to some of the rumored features, like the beastly camera and the updated UI.

The Sony Honami will apparently come with a brand new user interface, including an updated launcher, a new app drawer, and even a few new apps (such as a new Walkman app). There’s also a new version of Small Apps, which allows users to run multiple apps on the screen at the same time.

Honami SS1
The changes to the software are of course not just superficial. There’s a new virtual keyboard, that might also have a few new features itself. And as mentioned earlier, there’s a new Walkman app which helps fulfill a long-time dream of many Sony users: Music Unlimited integration.

Honami SS3
Here is the new Walkman app in action, showing “Unlimited Music Streaming” at the very top as one of the options.

Honami SS2
The Sony Honami is one of the most hotly-anticipated Android phones from Sony this year. And part of the reason why is because it has been rumored to wield a 20-megapixel camera that is capable of recording 4K video (4000×2000 pixel resolution). This is confirmed with a read-through of the phone’s build.prop, which also identifies a few other highlight features.

Above, you can see something else that the camera will offer: Augmented Reality. That dinosaur clipart up there shows just one of several Augmented Reality modes, which can be activated with the use of the camera. We still aren’t certain when exactly the Sony Honami is going to drop, but it’s looking more and more like something that’s worthy of waiting out for, that’s for sure.