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September 4 simply can’t get here fast enough.

Once again, a device believed to be the Sony Honami makes an appearance, this time showing a closeup of the camera lens and flash. The “G” branding is there, lending credence to those rumors we’ve heard before about the lens carrying such a moniker, but has lost the previous spec details we’ve seen on the device.

This macro picture also shows the curvature of the corners, as well as the fit of the back to the side of the phone. While no specs are given, it looks as if the back may be glass, or some sort of Corning composite material. Glass backed devices are beautiful, but could suffer the same fate as the Nexus 4, which is prone to slippage and breaks.

We’ve already seen plenty of leaks and rumors, which are now starting to take shape. The dedicated camera button has been shown off, and we look forward to more pics ahead of the device launch (the image title of G-Lens-Mon suggests we’ll see many more). Close-ups of the camera button and lens are great, but we’d also like to see that rumored HD screen in action. Colors on the Xperia Z were a bit washed out, but the Xperia Z Ultra seemed to rectify those issues. We’d like to see just how the Honami (or whatever they’ll name it) will stack up to both of those devices.

With this leak, Sony asks if they’ve captured our attention yet, as if they didn’t know we were eagerly anticipating the device. Their September 4 announcement at IFA will almost certainly showcase this device, and we’ll be there to check it out.

Sony Honami G Lens

The “G” lens is shown on an upcoming Sony device, believed to be the Honami