If you’ve ever laid eyes on a 4K television, you know how stunning it really is. Many premium TVs are currently being shipped as 4K devices, which is great for consumers, especially in the long run. The question then becomes which content will take advantage the revolution in resolution.

Sony, who has their own 4K TV sets, may be putting the ability to shoot 4K video in your pocket. A promotional slide, which notes the best way to get 4K videos on your TV is “by shooting videos with a 4K phone”, was leaked on Chinese social networking site Weibo. That same set of slides also discusses a 20-megapixel Exmor sensor for the Honami, which a Taiwanese site may have leaked previously.

As Engadget points out, the 4,000 x 2,000 resolution noted by the slide is a bit off from the resolution Sony has chosen for their 4K TVs, but that’s of little concern. We’re as bit more concerned with how well a mobile device can effectively shoot 4K videos. Sony is great with mobile cameras and sensors, but 4K is an ambitious feat.

In looking at the slide, one thing stands out for us: Xperia. We’ve heard the Honami referred to as the “Xperia i1”, but this is the first instance of any promotional material noting a new Sony Xperia device (that isn’t the Xperia Z Ultra).

We routinely see issues with 1080p video shot on mobile devices, as problems such as skipping and stuttering during movement of the device or picture are noticeable. If sony has 4K figured out for mobile video, the already impressive Honami may have just become a must-have for mobile video fanatics.