It looks that Google TV is about to become available in many new locales, if a press release from Euronews is accurate.

Here’s the story: the pan-European news channel has apparently announced a partnership with Google TV, which would make its programming available on the smart TV platform. Nothing special in itself, but the press release quoted by talks about a worldwide launch of the Google TV, or, more precisely, of  “two new Sony boxes specially designed for the smart TV platform of the internet giant”.

Moreover, this global launch would happen in no fewer than 80 countries, which would be a staggering progress over the few markets where the platform is currently on sale, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, and soon Germany, France, and the Netherlands.

Now, an 80 countries rollout would be nothing short of amazing for Sony and Google, even if it takes months to complete. In fact, it sounds to me a little too good to be true. I am wondering if this is nothing more than a typo or a big misunderstanding.

Selling media-centric devices like the Google TV poses unique challenges, related to securing the necessary partnerships with media companies. Could Google or Sony score such a sweeping victory? It’s not impossible, but it’s no easy task either.

Take this piece of news (ok, speculation) well salted until we get some sort of confirmation from Sony, Google, or one of its partners.


Euronews and Google TV, partners for world-wide launch

At the IFA international trade show for consumer electronics in Berlin, Euronews, the leading international news channel in Europe, announced its new partnership with Google TV.

The Euronews application for Smart TVs is now available on 11 platforms.

Lyon, France, 3 September 2012 – Since 2010, Euronews signed agreements with the world’s main television set manufacturers, in anticipation of the convergence between the internet and television.

Thanks to its success on Google TV in the United States since March 2012, Euronews is a partner in the global launch in 80 countries of two new Sony boxes specially designed for the smart TV platform of the internet giant. The international news channel will be available in the section reserved for applications recommended by the Sony Entertainment Network.

Google TV gives access on demand, at any time, to the content of the English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish services of Euronews. Users can watch the latest news bulletins in the “News” section, or the cultural magazines “Cinéma” and “Le Mag,” along with the emblematic Euronews programme, “No Comment.”

In a rapidly-expanding smart TV market expected to reach 480 million units by 2016, this new partnership reflects the ambition to make the Euronews brand truly multi-platform for viewers all over the world.

Walid Chamak, Head of marketing for Euronews, said: “Extending presence on Google TV allows Euronews to assert its world leadership in smart TVs, while advancing the channel’s goal to become the benchmark as an international news hub. In an era of hyper choice, we are committed to making Euronews hyper accessible by offering the right product. These new agreements round out our multi-media offering which stands as one of the best-developed on the market. Some of our advertisers are already taking advantage of this new opportunity.”