Sony’s new lineup of devices can not be complete without some fancy accessories, and that we have. The GCM10 Game Controller Mount will be of great interest to the gamers in the house. It is no simple accessory, as it turns your mobile devices into a portable console of sorts.

The Game Controller Mount creates a dock for your mobile device, allowing you to attach it right into a PlayStation 4 controller. It looks much like a GameKlip, which can dock any device into a PlayStation 3 controller. It simply works as the link between them, so to speak.

The accessory will work with the Sony Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. It will be a great little accessory to use for mobile games, but it is the PlayStation 4 owners that will get all the action. These devices support PlayStation 4 Remote Play.


Much like the PS Vita, your new Sony devices will be able to stream directly from your console, via WiFi. This will allow you to play console quality games from anywhere in your home, whether you want to use your TV or not. And having the full controller will also enhance your gaming performance (we all know how pesky it can get to play with a touchscreen).

It’s truly a very neat accessory that no gamer with a new Xperia device should live without. We have no word on price or release date, but be sure we will be looking further into it!

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