Sony Gallery

Earlier this month Samsung confirmed its plans to open 1,400 Samsung Experience Shops within Best Buy locations. The very next day HTC announced its own marketing push, which included creating HTC One Showrooms in several malls across the United States. Not wanting to be left out, Sony is also looking to step up its retail game.

Recently Sony launched a new Sony Store in the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto California, and now it is planning to reopen the doors to three other concept stores using the same style and experience found at Palo Alto. The three reopened stores are located in Miami, San Diego and Orlando.

The retail push doesn’t end there. Sony also plans to create freestanding “Sony Galleries”, which will show off Sony’s best products and will be found in major shopping centers. The first Sony Gallery opens this week in San Diego at the Westfield UTC Mall.

Sony Galleries are somewhat similar to what HTC is already offering with its Showroom experience, though HTC’s booths are aimed squarely at pushing the HTC One. In contrast, the Sony Gallery is about a lot more than just showing off their flagship handsets. The Gallery will have tons of hot items from Sony including TVs, cameras, computers, phones and tablets.

What’s clear is that more companies are waking up to the importance of having a strong retail presence where you can actually show off your goods. What do you think of Sony’s new retail push, is it enough to compete with HTC and Samsung’s own retail efforts?

Andrew Grush
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