Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

I’ve posted the two videos I shot of the Xperia X10 that Sony Ericsson sent me a couple of weeks ago. It was my intention to do a full review of the device until Sony Ericsson informed me that I was working with a phone with pre-production firmware.


When a device is great, that’s of no concern.  Great is great.  When a device is as painful to use as this X10 is, though, it causes problems. Now every issue I have with the phone that I write about has to be covered by the “pre-production” disclaimer, meaning that everything is subject to change by the time this thing hits retail shelves.

While I suspect X10 will still be a pretty lousy phone by the time it goes to market, I can’t say that with any real certainty.  In the end, this device was, more or less, a waste of my time.

In any case, you can watch the videos for yourself.  I shot and reshot them many times in an effort to make the phone look good, but the results are still quite telling.  I’ll post a 2000+ word story on the Xperia X10 on MobileBurn tomorrow now.

Part 1 of the video is below, part 2 comes after the jump.