se-xperia-x10-fccThe Sony Ericsson X10 made its maiden voyage through the FCC and left behind a cornucopia of information. Some of the goodies include the full manual detailing the phone’s features and its custom Android interface, internal photos of the handset, external photos of the handset, and a test report chock full technical jargon. Inside the Declaration of FCC Conformity within the user manual, the folks over at BGR picked up on a brief reference to UMTS/HSPA Bands 1, 4, and 8 which corresponds to 2100/1700/900MHz. These three bands are known and loved by T-Mobile customers as they grace nearly every 3G-capable phone on T-Mobile. The FCC did not approve the X10 for usage on the 1700MHz frequency so the inclusion of these T-Mobile specific bands in the user manual may be a mistake or perhaps Sony Ericsson has a T-Mobile friendly version waiting in the wings that will make its appearance in the hallowed halls of the FCC in the near future.

[via Engadget]