Sony Ericsson LiveView

Sony Ericsson LiveView

Is it a watch? Is it a phone? No, it is a 1.3-inch device that can be worn like a watch and display notifications from your phone. Sony Ericsson has decided that there is a niche in the market for a device capable of streaming you important information from your Android handset, even when it is in your pocket or bag. LiveView only offers a 1.3-inch display, but it is capable of interfacing with your Android device to bring you news from Twitter, Facebook, sms, calls and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

The idea is intriguing, but the form factor design is one that Sony Ericsson are going to have to nail for anyone to be seen dead in this thing. I for one would probably get a lot of use out of something like this as I spend most of my time on a bike (cycle) or in a quiet office. Right now I make the most of TalkMyPhone for when I’m sat at my computer, but cycling around is another matter.

This Sony Ericsson LiveView device will work with any Android 2.x device, which is fine… unless you own a Sony Ericsson Xperia. Then its just ironic and sad.

[Via: ubergizmo]

James Tromans
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