SE LiveView

SE LiveView

Back towards the end of September, we announced the news that Sony Ericsson will release a small accessory for your Android phone. Slashgear have had the chance to perform a review on the unit, which if executed well, could be a really neat little holiday present.

LiveView can interface with your Android device to bring you news from Twitter, Facebook, sms, calls and pretty much anything else you can imagine. This can also include Google Maps, which I think is great. Unfortunately, SlashGear have some tough love to show for this device.

Like I mentioned in our initial post, the form factor is unusual. It measures in at 35 x 35 x 11 mm and is housed in a lightweight plastic chasis. So, to be clear, the LiveView only offers a 1.3-inch 128 x 128 color OLED display. This display is not touch sensitive. You should go ahead and read the whole review, but some of the take home comments include,

We experienced far too many random disconnects or apparent crashes for comfort, and all too often had to resort to power-cycling Bluetooth on our phone in order to get the LiveView working again….Unfortunately the day to day experience simply doesn’t live up to the promise.

[Source: Slash Gear]

James Tromans
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