It has been awhile since we’ve seen Sony’s Cyber-shot imaging brand come to smartphones. Cyber-shot has been a dominant brand long before smartphones came into the foray. For those who loves taking pictures and video, it seems like Sony Ericsson hase plans of bringing the brand back to life. And. this time, they will be teaming up with Android, which might turn out to be a real smash hit. Take a look at these blurry leaked images. It really looks like we could be seeing a Cyber-shot Android phone soon.

If you take a closer look on the images, you can catch a glimpse of the Sony’s Cyber-shot branding just above the buttons. However, as mentioned, the images are indeed not clear enough, so we are not sure if it is in fact the Cyber-shot branding above the buttons. Some say it is a Window Phone 7 because of the layout of the three buttons. Nevertheless, the rest of the images would confirm that this device belongs to Android. The image below shows the Android friendly home, menu, and back buttons. Also, these are similarly patterned to Sony’s latest line of products, the Xperia line. Additionally, we know that Sony is shifting towards an Android based portfolio too, so there is some degree of credibility to this particularly cool rumor.

As of the moment, this is all that we’ve got about this device that is rumored to be a Cyber-shot Android smartphone. Plus, we are uncertain as well if they will have the Carl Zeiss lens or the Xenon flash since we don’t have images of the back view of the device, but we think it is likely they will.

We all know that there is a possibility that this could be fake. However there is also a big possibility that Sony will bring a Cyber-shot Android smartphone back to life sooner or later.

So, do you think this is a Cyber-shot branded phone? Or not at all?

Source: Xperia Blog