With so many Android devices suspected to be the next to contain the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update, one can only hope that they will all be real. But unlike others, Sony has been pretty quiet about coming out with an ICS update for their Tablet P and Tablet S devices. To confirm this, Sony posted the news on their online forum. Previously though, the company already released their plan to come out with an Android 4.0 update for their Sony Ericsson Xperia starting March 2012.

As of this writing, the only device that runs the latest Google mobile OS (legally) is Samsung Galaxy Nexus. But ever since the OS caused a big hit, big companies like LG have also started announcing plans for including the software update on their devices.

Even though the ICS OS is mostly visible on mobile phones, it won’t be long before they start showing up on tablets too. Early this month, Google already promised that they will be launching an Android tablet in the following months. They also promised that this new tablet will be made of ‘the highest quality’ and even challenging Apple with this new tablet.

Going back to Sony, perhaps, before they provide software update on their devices, they should concentrate on improving performance of their tablets?