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We’re big fans of Sony here at Android Authority. We’re hopeful for a comeback of sorts, and their Xperia line of phones is pretty good stuff. Sony is very supportive of the developer community, and their hardware is top notch.

Sony is also aware of the mobile industry downfalls. For a company that once had a near duopoly with Nokia, they’re aware of how precious their place in the market really is. Like many handset manufacturers, they’re wise to create devices at different price points, meaning more consumers consider them in their purchase decisions.

They’re also aware that Asia is an emerging market, and China is the low-hanging fruit on that tree. The largest country in Asia also has the biggest number of potential handset users. Chinese consumers are also keen for a good deal on a great handset, and manufacturers are clamoring to give them what they want. The battle for initial market presence will rely on who has the best device at the lowest price point.

With recent leaked info regarding their “C3” phone, it seems as though Sony is on the right path. While no official specs are out, we’re hearing all manner of things suggesting the device will be an entry level Xperia device, and pretty good to boot. Things like a 5-inch screen and 1.5GHz processor are nice, but definitely not earth shattering. The presence of a dual-SIM is normal for markets outside the US, and the persistent talk of a MediaTek chipset suggest lower-cost guts for the device.

The rumored sub-3,000 yuan (about $486 US dollars) is competitive, too. With most devices topping the $600 mark, Sony looks serious about staking a claim to China, and beyond. This is a good move at the right time, and one that could do wonders for Sony’s future in mobile.