Here’s something that was definitely a surprise. Sony has just announced something called the Playstation Suite. You thought you would have to wait until the Playstation Phone to arrive for you to feel the joy of playing Playstation games on your phones or tablets – but that experience is going to arrive sooner than you think. The Playstation Suite itself is a cross-platform software framework – essentially something like an app that lets you operate on both phones and tablets and it bring an entire store filled with Playstation games to Android tablets and phones. How cool is that?

Definitely very cool. Right now, Playstation Suite is being aimed at acting as an emulator for current PSOne titles. People have used unofficial emulators for that – but this time around, Sony’s bringing all of these games with their stamp of approval on it. And that’s just the beginning.


Sony is also promising creating an Android game store later this year with emphasis on the “Android”. Playstation Suite is supposed to be hardware-neutral – this means as long as you have Android 2.3 installed, no matter whether you’re using a phone or a tablet, you’ll be able to play your games.

Of course, Sony is going into this in a big way. They’ve already launched Playstation Certified, a scheme for first-party licensing and quality-assurance scheme for games to be sold on the Suite. The Suite itself is supposed to provide touchscreen controls and provide PSP game-compatibility. It’s all very vague still, but expect more details to come out soon.

Source: Engadget


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