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"α" CLOCK for Mobile: Time-lapse photography app for experiencing Sony's Time-Shift UI

June 18, 2012

Sony has a brand-new surprise that’ll give Android users plenty of visually enticing photos to drool over. It seems that the Japanese manufacturer has ventured into what seems to be a photo gallery application but turns out to be more than just that.

Officially known as “α” CLOCK for Mobile, this application lets users experience Sony’s new Time-Shift UI on their Android device. The app will present to you various photos of famous landmark destinations, most of which come from the UNESCO World Heritage sites, taken with high resolution cameras that use “α” Interchangeable lenses.

Each location holds numerous photos that were taken during various parts of the day and are compiled into one time-lapse package which can then be viewed using Sony’s Time-shift UI feature. Users can enjoy viewing the breathtaking scenery of the selected location and depending on their mood, they can view shots from any time of the day.

But before you grab the “α” CLOCK for Mobile app, let me warn you that the application will only run on two resolutions: 480×854 and 720×1280. If you own an Android device with a different resolution from those two, then your device is most likely not yet supported.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the app has very high storage requirements, as the content downloads for each location is relatively huge considering that the photos are hi-res. According to the app’s download requirements, you may need an estimated 70 MB worth of SD card storage.

The app currently has World Heritage locations, with some of them available for manual download at a later time. Each photo that you browse can be displayed in full-screen landscape resolution and can be scrolled both vertically and horizontally.

If you want to view the photo at a different time of day, you can simply slide the digital time clock found at the top-right corner of the screen and scroll up or down to find the right time of day. There are vertical dots found on the rightmost part of the screen, indicating the period of the day when the image was captured.

To reveal the app’s main menu, simply slide the screen upwards to reveal more options. The main menu houses various tools like Wikipedia for searching information about the place, a Map option for finding the location, Fullscreen mode to view the photo in landscape orientation, and sharing the location with various social networking sites.

The app is pretty amazing when it comes to using the social media sharing feature, as it helps users unlock other images of various locations from within the app’s Collection Image album. These locations are already included in the album but sport a different angle, making it a whole lot different from the normal images. The more you share photos on social media networks, the more chance of succeeding in unlocking more high resolution photos.

As an added bonus, the application is generous enough to let users use the photos as their device’s default wallpaper, automatically updating throughout the day and making an impression of different cycles of the day.

To sum it all up, “α” CLOCK for Mobile is truly a fascinating application to discover even if you are not a huge photography fan. Download “α” CLOCK for Mobile from the Google Play Store, absolutely free of charge.