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Has Sony hinted at a 4-inch Honami “Mini”?

Sony has stated that it will be focusing on 4 and 5 inch smartphones in the future, suggesting that a new 4-inch handset could be in the works. Is the company also working on a Honami mini?
August 19, 2013
Sony i1 Honami (2)

We’re still waiting for the official unveiling of Sony’s new flagship Honami handset, but Kurozumi Yoshiro, a member of Sony’s board of directors involved in the planning of Xperia devices, may have already hinted at what the company has planned for the extended Honami range.

Speaking to a Japanese publication on Monday, Yoshiro talked about Sony’s visions for and understanding of the smartphone market, specifically mentioning that the company was finding it impossible to meet the demands of every user with its devices.

Despite the recent launch of the larger 6.4 inch Xperia Z Ultra, Yoshiro stated that Sony will instead be focusing its attention on 4 and 5 inch smartphones and 10 inch tablets in the future, which is supposedly where the highest demand for its products are. So considering that the Honami / i1 is rumored to be Sony’s next 5 inch device, there’s a good chance that the company could launch a smaller 4-inch variant too, aka the Honami mini.

There’s also the possibility that we could see a successor to the 10 inch Xperia Tablet Z, which proved to be a good performer for Sony. Of course, this is just based on one comment, so it’s not an official Sony roadmap, yet. And even if these device sizes turn out to be true, there’s no indication as to when we’ll see a new 4 inch smartphone from Sony.

We’ll have to wait and see what Sony has to show off on the 4th of September, but I for one would like so see a powerful mini handset from Sony in the future.