Those of you that previously played Sonic 4 Episode 1 must have been quite sad that it was not compatible with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the longest time. However, SEGA developers woke up and released a very important update.

Now you will be able to play Sonic 4 on your Galaxy Nexus! If you have a Transformer Prime you will be able to play the game on that as well. It seems like it is a double win for tablets and phones.

Some players even claim that the mobile platform is more entertaining and enjoyable, compared to the other Sonic games based on the console versions. This was indeed the dinosaur age of video games.

According to SEGA this game was the sequel fans have waited 16 years for, when it feels like 16 years since an update for Android 4.0 But alas it is finally here, and you pick the update for free, or you can buy the game for an easy $3.99.

What do you think of Sonic coming back to Android? Do you think updates on Android 4.0 are slow? I would love to hear your comments.

Will G.
I am a huge fan of Android. Almost being with Android Authority for close to a year, it is really nice to see new, talented writers embrace the "Android Dream" with the group of writers we have. My role at Android Authority is currently as a writer, to accompany my past skills in editing and reviewing top products for this site. I now sport a Samsung Galaxy Nexus.