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Songkick Concerts: Tracking your favorite music artists' tours, events, and performances

June 26, 2012

Finally after a year of being an iOS exclusive, Songkick Concerts is finally making its way to the Android platform. Released way back in the iTunes App Store, SongKick Concerts immediately rose to success for being a popular music client. If you’re an Android user, then you’ll be happy to know that the app is now available to download at the Google Play Store. The app is not just any variant of SongKick Concerts — it pretty much features the same characteristics of its iOS counterpart. Not only that, the developers have added some additional features.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Songkick Concerts, the app automatically scans your entire online and local music libraries. The app will then use its findings to analyze your music preferences and present you with a personalized calendar with all the customizations and gimmicks to alert you on events in your area and your favorite bands’ performances.

Songkick Concerts generally follows in the footsteps of several music exploration apps like GigBeat and Bandsintown, but with added elements that makes it unique from its kind. Navigation is a breeze, as the app sports a Holo-themed UI that will please anyone looking for a clean user interface.

As soon as you launch the application, it will automatically scan your favorite music sources for information. Once the app finishes scanning, it will present you with a calendar of the upcoming gigs of a bands that the app was able to analyze from your data. Users can view each event with its corresponding details such as date and location.

The calendar button on the top right can filter out events depending on your preferred date. If you found something that catches your attention, simply hit the event title to jump to the details screen. From here you can either sync the event with your Google Calendar, get location details, book a ticket, or even share the details with your buddies. Real-time notifications regarding your favorite artist will be regularly streamed. The app includes a widget that neatly displays all the events that you have recently added to the list.

The app also has a dashboard designed to help users filter events according to their date, location, and artist. Better yet, you can also search for your favorite tracks and/or artists. If you want to have location-based search results, the app can easily narrow down your results to include popular musical venues and arenas depending on the city of your choice.

SongKick Concerts lives up to its name by helping users in monitoring the performances of their favorite artists. If you’ve always been a music lover and you don’t want to miss your favorite band’s next appearance, be sure to grab SongKick Concert from the Google Play Store absolutely free.