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SomNote app for Android: Simplicity, elegance, and efficiency in note-taking

May 1, 2012

Jotting down notes for the day is a good practice that helps you keep in touch with important day-to-day activities of your life. If you have been taking notes to track down important events, then you might already have tried the ever-popular Evernote app in helping you organize your notes.  If you felt that Evernote was great in capturing notes, then you might want to try an alternate approach using the SomNote app developed by Wizard Works.

SomNote is a user-friendly application with a fantastic user-interface that lets you manage your notes in a breeze. Users can create multiple notes and supplement them with important content such as multimedia files or document attachments.

To get started with SomNote, users need to create an account. Each account offers a maximum of 100 MB free of cloud storage space, which is more than enough for the average user.  SomNote also supports saving your notes automatically at intervals and even lets you restore to a previously saved state just in case you screwed up a large note.

Other than that, SomNote also brings other useful features, such as complete remote access to your online notes through the use of your mobile phone, securing notes with the help of a 4-digit PIN, management of notes and folders using gestures, sharing notes to your colleagues, and a whole lot of interesting features.

If you still prefer of using the traditional note-taking practice without online support, you can still use SomNote without an account as the application saves your precious notes locally. As an advice, we recommend that you register an account, as it is the only way that you can truly gain many benefits from the service.  Users who have registered accounts can access online SomNote content, protect the app by using a personalized password, and create, modify, or synchronize content on the go.

From the app’s main interface, users will be shown a useful toolbar located at the top and bottom part of the screen.  The bottom toolbar carriers all the basic options, such as creating a new folder, enabling notes management, searching for a specific notes, and tweaking the app’s settings.

Notes displayed on the app’s main screen can either be viewed in list mode or thumbnail mode, depending on your choice. If you have a note that contains an attachment, you can easily identify it–courtesy of the attachment icon glued on top of its thumbnail.

Probably the best selling point of SomNote has to be its homescreen widget, as users can easily add notes by simply tapping the homescreen widget. This feature is pretty useful most especially in situations where you almost instantly need to jot down notes.

Another interesting feature of SomNote is that it supports URLs, contact numbers, email IDs, and other important information that is embedded within the note itself or any note-taking application.

To sum it all up, SomNote is a worthy alternative to the traditional note-taking app that you currently have on your phone. With the app’s lightning-fast synchronization and easy to use interface, users will never want to download another note-taking application again.

SomNote is available in the Google Play Store for free.

Have you tried taking down notes using SomNote?  What features do you like about this note-taking app?