The number of Android Apps available is unbelievable. What’s even better is that there are so many free apps that can really enhance the functionality of your phone, or provide a great distraction to pass the time with some of the many great games available. Chances are if you want it – it’s out there. Most recently too, Google improved the presentation of the market and introduced a version on the web which allows you to browse on your PC. We bring you a list of must have apps for the month of March 2011.

Flight controlFlight Control Android App

Flight control is one of the many apps that were first designed for the iPhone, but then was launched for the Android after some modifications. The game interface looks very simple and seems like a game designed for a 5 year old, but the game play is very interesting and brings flight control to our list.

Playing the game is also very easy. You just have to draw a landing strip with your finger on the screen for the planes coming in to land. As the level goes higher more types of planes start coming and at a particular time there are a number of planes which have to land and this is where the game becomes very interesting. You are guaranteed to become addicted to this app.

It is available in the Android market for 4.99$

Amazon UKamazon_uk_app_for_android

Amazon has finally launched a UK version of its app that was present in the US for quite some time now. The app is real good and is much better than the mobile optimized site that people in the UK were using. The handy barcode scanner is really great for comparing prices and using this app is also real easy. It gives you the ability to log into your personal Amazon account, edit your account, trace your order etc.

It is a free download from the market.

Seek Droid Android AppSeek Droid


Arguably one of the most useful Android apps. Losing ones phone is the worst nightmare for any Android user. Seek Droid allows you to locate your phone, lock it and even check for recent calls. You simply download it on your phone and set your unique ID. When you have to use it, just go to the PC interface, type in your code and the device tracing starts. The best part is that it can be kept hidden so that it is not visible on your app drawer, and this protects it from being uninstalled.

Android market price: 0.99$

Remote web desktop

Remote web desktop allows you to log in and control your handset from a PC through a web desktop interface, from either a USB or a Wi-Fi connection. After logging in to your phone you can use the web desktop to carry out a whole load of tasks. For example, you can use it to transfer files from your SD to your desktop. You can also use it to type on your phone using the computer’s keyboard. It also allows you to use your PC for sending SMS messages via your phone.

The best thing, it’s free in the android market.

Edomondo sports trackerEdmondo Sports Tracker Android App

This app is tailor made for people who love to work out. The app allows you to keep track of your physical activities like running, cycling, walking etc., and this is done via a GPS system. If you install voice synthesis software, it can also call out various stats during your exercise, in a sense it gives you a healthy competition and motivates you to beat your targets every time.

The user interface is pretty elegant and user friendly. The best part of the app is that it is linked back to the original Endomondo website. The website acts as a social network for fitness freaks where your times are uploaded and you can compare them with other users. You can also challenge other fitness freaks for competitions. You can also send voice messages to other users via the app.

A free app available in the Android market.

Moon mapsMoon Maps Android App

A very interesting app which helps you learn while you enjoy exploring it. The name if the app intrigues the user and it does very much what it seems from the name. It actually shows images of the moon on your phone. You can choose from images captured by the Clementine aircraft launched in 1994 or the Lunar orbitor launched in 1966, the latter obviously giving better picture quality. It is not an essential Android app, but it does provide an interesting pass time when you are idle.

It is available in the Android market for free.

AndroMote Remote controlAndroiMote Android App

The app is a must have for anyone using Universal plug and play devices. This enables you to play back files from your networked device, using your Android device. It also connects your Android device to your UPnP device and enables you to access its files on your Android.

The biggest drawback is while viewing pictures. There is no thumbnail view while viewing pictures, this means that you wouldn’t know what picture you clicked on until it appears on the screen. It works well for music playback though.

The app developers could have done a better job if they would have made this app a little more user friendly. Even after its few shortcomings, its a very handy app and deserves a place in our best app for March 2011 list.

Another free app in the market

Awesome drop

Awesome Drop Android AppAn ‘awesome’ app when you have to transfer files from a computer, when you do not have a USB connection, nor are you allowed to install additional softwares on the PC. To use the app, you just have to install it on your Android device, then call the Awesome drop webpage on the PC you are using and enter the code that appears on the browser onto your phone and the Awesome drop websites makes a connection between your PC and your Android device. There is a ‘Drag files here’ box on the website where you drag the files you want to be transferred to your phone and then you have to wait for the file to be uploaded on your phone. A negative point, this app only allows one way traffic, that is you can transfer files only from your PC to your phone.

A free app in the Android market.

CamCard Lite Android AppCamCard lite

A very handy app for anyone who has to deal with a lot of business cards in a day. Sometimes you will have to deal with a bundle of visiting cards and handling them becomes very difficult. CamCard lite becomes your business card manager. All you have to do is place the card on a hard surface and take pictures of the card using your phone camera. The application than analyses the pictures and takes out the relevant details to be filled in the fields available with the app. There are two versions of the app available in the android market.

First is a free version which only allows 10 scans for the first week and than 2 scans per week, and a paid version which comes for 11.99$ can be used to scan any number of cards.

Anything we missed? What are your favorite apps of the month?