Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank has a couple of handsets that are probably going to be the envy of phone users outside of Japan.

First of all, is their new Yahoo! Phone. It may be a surprise for Western users, but Yahoo! is still a powerful force in Japan. It’s actually the country’s biggest website and this carries a lot of weight. The fact that Softbank is also Yahoo Japan’s biggest shareholder is also a contributing factor to the handset’s release

So what does it offer? It’s actually a version of the Aquos Phone from Sharp and shares many of the same features. Running on Android 2.3, it has a 4-inch LCD with QHD resolution, an 8MP CMOS camera, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, a microSDHC slot, a digital TV tuner, an e-wallet function, infrared communication, and a whole lot more. Most of the people buying this baby are buying it for access to Android apps and services from Yahoo Japan! which gives them access to Yahoo Japan Home, Yahoo Japan Auctions, and a slew of other stuff. It also makes them Yahoo Japan premium members for free for two years – which has a boatload of benefits – an additional points for every purchase made on Yahoo Shopping for the next two years.

The next one is more interesting. A Hello Kitty versions of Sharp’s AQUOS PHONE THE HYBRID 007SH has some pretty nice specs – also the fact that it’s the world’s first flip phone running Gingerbread. Those impressive specs are: waterproof chassis, 3.4-inch LCD touchscreen with 854×480 resolution, 0.7-inch OLED sub-display, 16MP CCD camera with 1,280×720 HD video recording, WiFi and Bluetooth, and it even has a digital TV tuner if you really want to watch some TV.

It’s also got personalized apps with Hello Kitty designs and various other Hello Kitty specific software for the fans of Japan’s most lovable kitten.

Both of these phones will ship next month – unfortunately to Japan only.

Source: TechCrunch