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Softbank is considering a bid for T-Mobile if its Sprint offer falls through

In the face of a strong $25 billion counterbid from Disk Network, Softbank is reportedly considering a bid for T-Mobile if its $21 billion offer for Sprint falls through.
June 10, 2013

Softbank, one of Japan’s largest telecommunications companies, is still currently engaged in an attempt to secure a $20.1 billion deal which would see the company purchase 70 percent of the US carrier Sprint. But if the offer falls through it seems that SoftBank is prepared to change tack and offer a separate bid to purchase T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom, according to three unnamed sources which claim to be familiar with the situation.

T-Mobile is one of Deutsche Telekom’s sub-companies which operates as its international mobile telephone division, and it appears that Softbank has been interested in this company for quite a while. Deutsche Telekom and SoftBank had been engaged in various talks regarding a potential bid for T-Mobile USA since last year, but these discussions have supposedly picked up again recently since Dish Network offered a counter-bid for Sprint worth $25.5 billion.

According to various reports on the matter, the negotiations could see SoftBank purchase Deutsche Telekom’s 74 percent stake in T-Mobile USA. Obviously this seems like a sensible hedge for a company which is keen to break into the US market, but many are also speculating that this is simply a back-up plan aimed at spurring Sprint shareholders into making a decision on the current offer. However none of the parties involved have officially commented on the matter.

SoftBank has previously indicated that it wants to complete its deal with Sprint by July, but in the wake of the counter-offer from Dish Network, Sprint is considering postponing its shareholders vote which was due to take place on June 12th.

A Softbank deal with T-Mobile could further shake up the US mobile market, which has already seen mergers and changes with some of its smaller carriers recently, but a Reuters report insists that SoftBank only considers a deal with T-Mobile as “Plan B.”