lg-eve-gps6The LG GW620, as know as Eve (and previously etna) is coming to Canada with Rogers Wireless on an exclusive deal. With that said, we are quite sure that the deal is for exclusivity to Rogers Wireless within Canada, and that the Eve will find its way to other shores with different carriers shortly.

The Eve is designed specifically for social networking, and the video adverts that we showed you in the past clearly support this push. LG have coined the phrase Social Networking Services (SNS) in an attempt to bring together Facebook, Twitter and Bebo into one place. With Motorola Blur and Sony Ericsson’s Rachael, there has been a big push of late for social network application integration, but this might not bas as successful as the big name companies, you, or I have envisaged.

The first thing to consider is that “not all inboxes are created equal”. Different inboxes have different purposes, and also have a different feeling attached to them too. For example, a Tweet is much more light and relaxed than a Facebook message, which in turn is less heavy than an email. The causal user may not want to check all of these services all of the time, and may like the lack of commitment that Twitter brings relative to a Facebook message. Now, these integration services are a great idea for the Power User, perhaps like you or I, but not everyone who uses these services is a Power User and not everyone who uses these types of services will want to have something which brings so much commitment and information, all of the time. It’s just a thought, but there is no doubt that this is the direction things are headed.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.