Snooperscope is an infrared equipped remote camera for mobile devices that promises to give you night vision and other cool abilities.

Currently on Kickstarter, the project should deliver finished products early next summer, if its creator, PSY Corporation, hits its crowdfunding target of £40,000. The good news is the project already has the support of 695 backers that pledged more than £32,000, and with 13 days to go, there’s a good chance the campaign will conclude successfully.

Snooperscope is a bit similar to Sony’s QX10 and QX100, in that it’s a remote camera that connects to a mobile device via WiFi. The device is equipped with infrared lights, which allow it to act pretty much like a nighttime surveillance camera. The device can supposedly attach to any mobile device thanks to a magnet and can see in the dark over a range of 33 feet.

Here’s a video demo from the Snooperscope team:

When it will become available commercially, Snooperscope will cost £60 (about $100), but kickstarters can get it for £43 (about $69) with a first production pledge.

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