No matter how careful we are with our personal belongings we are really bound to sometimes lose or misplace things whether big or small, important or not. It really can be a big headache when something like this happens to anyone.

Most of the time, you may not find your lost items anymore, but Android just got the most helpful solution for you. With the Sniffer app for Android, you’ll have access to a virtual bulletin board that reports lost and found items wherever you are in the world. Check it out now and who knows you may find your lost belongings through this app.


Let me introduce to you Sniffer. It is an Android app that functions like a handy virtual noticeboard where users could search or report their lost items.  If you found an item and you wish to return it to the owner, you can do it through this app.

Sniffer allows you to report the lost item easily with the option of keeping your personal information such as your name, location, or contact details undisclosed. It is also worth mentioning that this app is a gem not only in terms of searching or reporting lost items but also because of its user-friendly interface. Many people find lost items but because of the hassle or the lack of time to do this, most people don’t return these items anymore.

Using Sniffer

Let’s now check out how to use Sniffer and evaluate its user-friendliness. How does this app really work in finding and reporting lost and found items? It is quite easy. As a user launches Sniffer, it displays items that are recently reported from a central database. However, if there are no items that were recently reported, you are then brought to the home screen where you have the options to Report Lost items, Report Found items or to View Noticeboard.

When you choose View Noticeboard it will take  you to another screen where there are two tabs — Live Board and Category. The Live Board contains all the items that were recently reported by other users and they are listed from the most recently reported to the oldest.  To make searching more convenient, it is better to search for items in categories. Just hit the Categories tab or you may tap the icons arranged on the right side of the home screen.

On the other hand, if you want to report lost items, it is also very simple to do so. What you do is just to input the details about the item that you found. The details include category, description, location and contact method. Of course, returning a valuable item to the owner also deserves some reward, so, along with the details, you also get to specify what reward you are expecting or the reward that you are willing to give. Just hit the Submit item button and you are good to go.

If you lose an item, there is still some hope that you will still find it with the help of Sniffer. Or, if you find an item, you can get some rewards by returning it to the owner through this app. You can install Sniffer free from the Android Market.

Feature image credit: Quinn Dombrowski (Flickr)

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