There is no sweeter news for Honeycomb tablets these days than that of the newest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser, the tablet-optimized version of which is fast approaching a publicly usable stage.

Developers of the Firefox version for Android tablets have given us a peek into their upcoming browser designed specifically for Android 3.x Honeycomb tablets.

The tablet version of Firefox is a successor of its phone version. Developers say that both versions have the same scripting and extensions support that makes the browser appealing.

The Firefox browser for Android tablets follows the ethos and spirit of minimalistic design, which Honeycomb is quite known for.  The browser uses a dark and white theme that would look great for browsing websites, while keeping some of the familiar Firefox elements such as its big Back button and tab shape.

The Firefox version for Android phones had to abandon tabs and menus in order to utilize the phone’s smaller screen for browsing.  The tablet version of the app, however, uses the tablet’s wide screen to add these menus to the browser. Bigger display room on a tablet means a better way to navigate and show tabs.

The wider screen on tablets allowed app developers to include elements that help improve the Web browsing experience–like tabs, for example.

In landscape mode, a tab bar will appear on the left side of the screen, which allows your left thumb to pick out visited tabs, while the right thumb scrolls the sites’ contents.

On the other hand, reorienting the tab to portrait mode will turn the tab bar into a tab menu located above the screen; thus, the screen below the tab menu can have bigger display area for better reading.

These dynamic features allow you to easily switch from one tab to another regardless of tablet orientation and, thus, makes browsing easier.

Another feature of Firefox is the Awesomebar. This bar allows quick access to history, bookmarks, and your synced desktop activity.  It also transforms the address bar to perform better queries on search engines and a quicker access to history and bookmarks.

The tablet-optimized version seems pretty neat; unfortunately, the developers of this Firefox version for tablets have not yet specified any date for public release of the browser.

What browser do you use on your Honeycomb tablet?

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