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Snappy Dragons 2: Save the little dragons from the red mages

October 17, 2012

The red mages aren’t quitting that easily. They have once again captured your little dragons and put them inside cages. In Snappy Dragons 2, you must set forth once again to save your little babies. This is the next chapter of the Snappy Dragons game. This time, you will travel to new worlds, use new dragon powers, and solve new puzzles to save your little dragons from the wrath of the red mages. If you loved the first Snappy Dragons game, then this new game is worth a try.

The main goal of the game is to exterminate all the red mages and, at the same time, save your little dragons. To pass every stage, you will need to clear all the red mages. Saving the little dragons is optional, but you will gain extra points if you do so. You will also unlock bonus stages if you save all the little dragons. Finishing all the stages while saving your little dragoons can be quite challenging and fun compared to just killing the red mages to finish a level.

You can kill red mages by throwing fireballs at them. To throw fireballs, tap the dragon and drag it in the direction you want to aim your fireball. You will only need to hit the red mages once to kill them. You can even knock them over and throw them in the river to kill them.

Aside from spewing fireballs at mages, you will also need to save your baby dragons. The red mages have locked them inside cages. In order to break the cages, you will need to throw your fireball at them. But, once the little dragons are free, your fireball can kill your baby dragons so you need to be careful where you’re aiming. Also take note that you will be only allowed to shoot a limited number of fireballs. Once you’ve used all your shots and there are still red mages standing, then it is game over.

The game can be easy to play at first. But, as more levels are unlocked, the more difficult the game becomes. You will face walls that are invulnerable to your fire attacks and you’ll have to use the wind direction to guide your fireballs. At some point, you have to use a vortex and transport your fireballs to your enemies. The game needs proper timing and good aiming skills in throwing your fireballs.

There are also different dragons in the game. At the bonus level, you will be able to play with a dragon that allows you to control the fireball. There is also a dragon that allows you to randomly fire fireballs at your enemies like a machine gun and the blue dragon that attracts and freezes red mages. The game also features 4 different worlds to play in.

Snappy Dragons 2 is quite fun and it somewhat reminds me of Angry Birds or the war game Worms. If you love its first chapter, then you will also love the sequel Snappy Dragons 2.

The ads-supported Snappy Dragons 2 game can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. Ads will only appear at the bottom of the screen and aren’t a big distraction while playing the game. If you want to remove the ads, you can download the game’s premium version for about US$1.00.

Spew your fireballs at your enemies and save your little dragons in the Snappy Dragons 2 game. What do you think of the game? Do you find this game addicting? Share your thoughts in a comment below.