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SnapPoint - Indie app of the day

SnapPoint is just a little bit Foursquare and a little bit Snapchap. It's free to try and a fun way to share pictures!
August 16, 2014
SnapPoint review

What is SnapPoint?

SnapPoint is a social network that is a hybrid of location-based sites like Foursquare and photo-based networks like Snapchat or Slingshot. The premise is fairly simple. You take pictures of places and pin them to the map. From there other people can interact with your photos.

Here’s how it works. When you go to a location, you can take a picture of something there. For instance, if you hit up a Taco Bell, you may take a picture of the menu or the building itself. It is then pinned to the map at that location. People can then look at the photo to see your picture.

Other people who visit can add photos to the location and then when people view them, they can vote to see who has the best photos. If yours is voted the best, you get “credits” which you can use to create a new location. This sort of checks and balances prevents people from creating locations just anywhere. You do get to start out with 50 so you can help get things started in your town.

SnapPoint review 2
Overall, this is an interesting premise. It’s not very well known so you won’t see many spots on the map yet but if you’re the early adopter type you can drive around and put some important places on the map so future users can see things. It’s free and doesn’t have in app purchases which is always a plus.