NVIDIA brought out Tegra Zone some months ago to make its Tegra-optimized games more accessible to owners of Tegra devices. And now, Qualcomm is joining the bandwagon with its Snapdragon Game Pack. Indeed, Android phones can be more than just phones–they can be game consoles, too. That’s just one reason for the smart in smartphone, eh?

A service similar to NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone, the Snapdragon Game Pack allows users of Snapdragon devices to easily find, purchase, share, and learn more about games for the Qualcomm mobile processor.

With Qualcomm’s announcement of the Snapdragon Game Pack, its collection of Snapdragon-optimized games–initially numbering about a hundred, according to the media release–won’t get left behind in terms of visibility and exposure.

Qualcomm’s in-house game developers and the user community handpick games that are known to perform optimally with the Adreno graphics processing units (GPUs) embedded in Qualcomm processors. As Qualcomm continues to breathe more fire into their Snapdragon game service, the game pack will continue to improve and will eventually start featuring games for quad-core Adrenos expected to be sported by tablets and other larger-display devices.

Big-time game developers such as NAMCO BANDAI Games America, Babaroga, Tripwire Interactive, Digital Chocolate, Polarbit, Guild Software, Eyelead Software, Booyah, Southend Interactive, Gameloft, Glu, Natural Motion, and Com2us USA work with Qualcomm in producing Snapdragon-optimized high-definition games.

Game developers such as Digital Chocolate are elated at the Android platform, which is on many of Snapdragon-powered handsets. Digital Chocolate’s chief operating officer Jason Loia believes in Android’s “potential to be a key catalyst of the social gaming revolution on mobile.”

Qualcomm has yet to reveal how the service will be implemented, although we have reason to believe it would be either an installable app from the Android Market or a mobile site–or both at the same time. Qualcomm seemed to hint, however, that it may preload the service on future Android handsets. Qualcomm has launched 125 devices with Snapdragon, and 250 more are being developed. The gaming world is a captive audience for Qualcomm.

Games number by the thousands in the Android Market, but with Qualcomm’s latest service, finding one that runs smoothly on a Snapdragon device should become a breeze.

Will this make you consider going Snapdragon? Or are you sticking to Tegra or others?